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My Own Blogger Apocalypse

January 5, 2012

Dude. Worse than the zombie apocalypse? It’s quite possible. So, as you can imagine- I had bouts of insanity and in between crying hysterically and swearing vengeance on all those responsible (which obviously includes them being fed to the vicious hordes of walking dead… duh.) 

AnyYEAHtheBrunetteisCRAZY… It seems that sometimes my site is up and working as it should and sometimes it isn’t. One minute I log in and I’m all like,

“Uuuum shhhhyea! I’m soooo back.” 

Then TEN minutes later I log on to a ‘This site blah blah *BLEEP*‘message…

So until this gets all settled and I’m back online for at least 24 hours without incident- I’m on another hiatus. I know right? As if I didn’t have things that needed to be posted, deadlines ans such…

HOWEVER, this actually has put a LOT of things into perspective for me. So when everything is situated- there will be some changes around here…

A few are:

  1. I’m no longer accepting reviews requests at this time.
  2. After the few AWESOMELY fabulous Indies scheduled in the next few weeks- Indie Frenzy is going to be a bit more sporadic… and kinda whenever it happens.
  3. I’m possibly looking for an associate reviewer. I’ll make a list of all the books and ebooks (mostly will be ebooks –just so you know– they are so much easier to work with, especially when it comes to me and going to the post office. If you are interested, shoot me an email with the subject line “Associate Reviewer” or “I’m trying to save your ass because you’re half insane already.” Either one works!!!
  4. I’m going to RELAX. You know breathe and such… not get so worked up about everything and NOT put so much pressure on myself. No one else pressures me- I SERIOUSLY do it all to myself. I know, I’m a FREAK. 

I’ll be announcing the winners for all the contests next week! I think that’s everything… Hopefully this will actually POST… *sigh*



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  1. Awww, I hope your blog troubles fix themselves quickly. Hugs!

  2. Oh honey I'm so sorry! Good luck!

  3. Oh i love your blog! Was surprised it disappeared yesterday.

  4. Oh sorry to hear about your blog troubles. Hope it works out.

  5. Yes, Relax, breathe, don't be hard on yourself because you're awesome.FYI: I got your bookmark! Love it. Thanks!

  6. BLOGGERRRR BRAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNSSSGood luck! 🙂 I haven't had trouble coming on your site and I have at least once every day (yes I stalk you! :P). But who knows, maybe your blog just likes me better! Muahaha

  7. You poor thing! What a horrible experience. You need to go shoe shopping or something to put your frazzled nerves in a good place.

  8. Your energy is always amazing but try to relax. It will all work out and we'll be here supporting you through it all!

  9. Yikes. Hope it all works out and yes too much pressure, I do understand. I've already added on the blog no new reviews except maybe authors I've already worked with. I seriously need the time to catch up and just read for fun not because an author is waiting for the review. Which makes me super nervous and like I totally fail.

  10. I stopped enjoying blogging a while back and took a break and then decided that I was just getting too caught up trying to do to much. Now I just concentrate on doing and reading what I want as well as being much more relaxed about posting. Enjoy your break, I'm sure you are going to have a ton of people interested in helping out on this fab site! 😀

  11. Like Jules I'm going to chill out and read what I want in 2012 and be a bit more relaxed about posting too. I need to remember blogging is supposed to be a hobby not a chore.Hope you are ok Ashley:)

  12. *major huggles* I am so sorry that you've had such problems. Take it easy, chica! You are only one person, plus you have a life outside of blogging to worry about. Keep your head up. We love you regardless. ♥I've been thinking about getting an associate reviewer, as well. All my trusted reviewers already have their own blogs though! I'm nervous to take on someone I don't know… 😦

  13. Ooh,,,I hate when this happens. Relax. You put too much pressure on yourself. Great job getting the site back. Enjoy your hiatus.

  14. Oh that's terrible. I always fear logging on and seeing something happened to my blog. It's kind of silly but I can't help it!I hope everything is back on track for you now 🙂

  15. I was actually one of those blogs that got shut down because of google plus. They turned it back on but I deleted google plus so it won't happen again.((((( hugs ))))))It can be SUPER annoying!

  16. I've been wondering! It hasn't taken me to your site all week! I was so relieved when it finally did today. I'm so sorry your going through this though! How horrible! Definitely just relax. We're all not going anywhere, so do what you can, when you can. I hope everything gets sorted out for you!

  17. I've never had any trouble with your site, Ash. Hope you find a great associate blogger that works out well for ya!

  18. Yep, I'm where you are. We both have to learn "No."Say it with me…"No, thanks… I can't review it at this time."And mean it! ;D

  19. Saying no is important. A short word that gives you a lot of slack on your leash. You have to say it on Prom night. You have to say it when the salon offers you a full body wax for half price and you have super-sensitive skin. I can't be your associate reviewer (a job I would freaking love) but I can be your No-er. If you need one. I'll be the Bookish Brunette bouncer. Need to say no and having a weak moment? Forward the email to me. I can say no to a kitten dangling from a tree.

  20. Yay I'm happy that you are going to calm down and take a breath. The blogging world is fun but it should remain a little fun instead of all work all the time. I have been meaning to thank you for the beautiful book mark you sent me. Blue is afterall, my favorite color. :)Thanks!

  21. I'm glad your blog is back up! I didn't know you were switching when I tried going on it yesterday, and thought your blog was gone! But yay, it's back. 🙂

  22. It sounds as if you badly need a break, so why don't you just consider this an involuntary holiday! Instead of freaking out about getting the site back up again, just give yourself some time to wind down and enjoy the no-pressure-ness of it all. xoxo

  23. Indie Frenzy has been great. I look forward to whenever it pops up again. I've been buying a ton of books since it started. My pocketbook might thank you!Glad to see you're up and running again!

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