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Saints & Sinners: Patch or Jace? by Book Passions for Life

November 26, 2011

Saints & Sinners Weekend

Hi Everyone! *enthusiastic wave* Jess and Donna here from Book Passion for Life. Firstly we’d like to thank Ashley for giving us the opportunity to write a guest post on her Saints and Sinners post. When she mentioned that it was a post dedicated to the good boys and the bad boys of fiction…well she had us at bad boys of fiction. And that’s what we’re writing about…the bad boys.

Who doesn’t love a bad boy right? Especially the fictional ones…they’re always tall, and muscular with jaw lines…they wear low riding jeans that define those…*breaths*…uh?…hips of theirs. What’s not to love? They always have strange names too…like Patch…or Jace?

Anyway we had a choice between writing about the good boys we love to lust over and those bad boys we love to hate or lust over just as badly. And we chose the bad arrogant cocky boys…
We have two boys (above mentioned) that immediately came to mind. First…Patch. *le sigh* Ahh Patch, he’s pretty much the epitome of bad really isn’t he? Having fallen from Grace and wearing black low riding jeans, being shirtless here and there…having scars where his wings should be…and just generally being cocky and over confident. Well we immediately fell in love with him. From page one.
Then there’s Jace. Ahh Jace *le sigh*. He’s probably the most arrogant any boy can be, but his passion for everything makes up for it. And we fell in love with him from page one, from the moment he was fighting a demon in the closet of a night club.
We’re not sure what it is about bad boys, but I think it’s their over confidence in everything. They’re always so sure about themselves. We love a confident guy and we can only take so much arrogance; but these authors seem to give them enough arrogance but enough love to balance them out. Not only that but I find that the bad boys tend to love the heroines with more passion than some of the good guys. Don’t get us wrong the good guys are lovely and swoon worthy in their own right. But it’s the bad boys that make you want them…their love for the heroine always goes deeper because they try to hide it, they try not to let a woman affect them in the way Clary and Nora affect Jace and Patch, but ultimately the female is the more powerful of the species and boys-even the bad ones-can’t resist.
So I guess we love to lust over bad boys because they always have something hidden underneath that cold hard exterior that they show. They’re really just regular boys looking for the same things as the good ones, and it’s when they fall in love that their other selves come out. Their hidden good. A gentleman is all well and good…but what we girls really want? Is a bad boy, to keep us on our toes but one who’ll love deeper than anyone has ever loved. And that’s why we love them…even Jace…even Patch.
Thanks again to Ashley for letting us be here to take over her blog for a little bit. We hope this post was sufficient enough and shed a little light on why we love to lust over the bad boys.



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  1. Oh wow my two favorite boys. Well except Will of course lol. Patch is definitely a bad boy but Jace is just cocky but that's just a front. Even though he can back up his talk and so can Patch. I so totally love these boys and gosh Alex Pettyfer is so so hot. So is the other guy as Patch. Thanks for talking about my two boys lol not like anyone can get enough of them.

  2. I absolutely LOVE Jace! Sometimes he is such an ass, but then there are times all I want to do is pick him up and hug him so hard until my arms give out! *dreamy sigh* I wouldn't mind rubbing his body up and down…those muscles are rock solid!

  3. I vote Jace!

  4. I can't choose. I want them both!

  5. Jace!! 🙂 I love them both, but The Mortal Instruments is one of my favorites, so… Jace 🙂

  6. I haven't met Jace yet. So I have to go with Patch.

  7. I have not read either book yet. I have City of Bones in my TBR pile, so would love to win Hush, Hush. I would have to say both, because they are two gorgeous boys.Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to

  8. I haven't read City of Bones yet, but I do have to say that I'd pick Jace b/c I didn't care for Patch… but I knows you and Ashley do!

  9. I'm going to be the odd one out and say I liked Patch over Jace. Not that I didn't love Jace…but if I had to pick between them…I wouldn't pick either for my daughter though!

  10. JACE!!!! I ❤ Jace. There's no contest for me between the

  11. Jace. I love Patch, but I love Jace more. 🙂

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