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Trick or Treat for Books… Week 2!!!

October 10, 2011


Who’s ready for some WICKEDly Witchy AWESOME with Felicia from The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog?
It’s week TWO of Trick or Treat for Books and it is EPIC!!!!

Felicia is totally going to ROCK your face off with her witchy ways and super fab mini-giveaway, so go on over there… maybe she’ll give you a ride on her broom… 😉  Remember, the more you ‘trick-or-treat’ (hop), the better your chances are of winning the GRAND PRIZE!
So go visit:

Team Wickedly Witchy: 

Felicia @ The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog

for a mini-giveaway… and to enter for the GRAND PRIZE!

•      •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •

…but don’t forget that Team ZoMbIe is your FAV and grab a button!!



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  1. How much room is on this broom? Is it like one of those smart cars, because that's not big enough

  2. LOL @Flashlight I have one of those luxery brooms with a side car. I got Mr. Weasley to tweek my ride LOLOH Ashley you just rock! Seriously like 80's head-banging, Quiet Riot, rock!

  3. Love that you guys are doing this, I went over first thing this morning and entered to win all the witchy goodness:)

  4. I give major hearts to Halloween, and major hearts to you guys for celebrating it in such an awesome way, Ashley! I love the whole witchy theme of this week because I've always wanted to be one! But I still think the Team Zombie button is the most adorable (if they won't eat me for calling them cute LOL)! 😉

  5. Can you think of anyone more wickedly awesome than us?Nope. Me either. Team :[

  6. WAIT! I never got an offer for a broom ride. I'm so sad now. *sniff*However, the giveaway there is rockin!!!

  7. Definitely team zombie although I'm now following the other hosts as well. Love the button1

  8. Team Zombie holds a special place in my still beating heart…

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